NKB has established a project that provides eLearning and on-site-training. Lucubrate means to work, write, or study especially by night. Lucubrate also means to produce scholarly written material. Originally, to lucubrate was to work by artificial light, and that meaning should still be helpful in learning this word: when lucubrating, you’re shedding new light on a subject by […]

TVET Uganda

PURPOSES, PLANS AND STANDARDS  Subject to the limitations set forth for the business of Technical Vocational Education and Training; and to conduct other activities as may be necessary or incidental to or desirable in connection with the foregoing. All education and training shall, as a minimum, follow the Ugandan regulation […]

Uganda; Digitalisation and eLearning

Workshop in Uganda February 2019. This workshop has a training program for people working in governmental positions both central and in the districts, school owners, schools leaders, teachers and staff from colleges and universities. The program goes over three days from February 4th February 6th 2019. Digitalization and eLearning for the […]


Lucubrate project started in 2017 by NKB. The aim of the project is to become one of the world leaders in knowledge transfer independent of the country you live in. Lucubrate gives quality and service as a premier global supplier of a broad range of integrated learning systems, learning modules […]