The Lucubrate concept for learning includes different tools: First it is the videos in a series.  After a learning video, we use quizzes, practical tasks, complementary information (videos or text) and group discussions for deeper understanding.

“Gist Learning” means learning from the “Gist Reading”; a short summary of a text, article or report. While Gist Learning has very brief videos (30-70 seconds), the “Microlearning” concept uses longer videos (3-9 min).

Reading for gist is all about getting the ideas of the text by skimming it rapidly and ignoring the grammatical words. NKB uses that idea in the microlearning. The Lucubrate IQC-concept uses Gist Learning. The Lucubrate team looks for all kind of skills. If you want to join the team or you want to look at the courses, you can follow the link: Lucubrate



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